Tennis Girl

Tennis Girl ICONIC ‘TENNIS GIRL’ IS BACK The limited edition canvas prints 
Sized 60 x 80cm
Numbered and signed by Martin Elliott
Individually boxed and wrapped with a numbered certificate
Total of 1,850 for sale across the world 
Cost £300 buy online at oneposter

This summer, one of the sexiest posters ever made will be back on sale for the first time in 25 years. Martin’s Elliott’s classic image of the sultry blonde tennis player revealing her bottom has been recreated as a limited edition canvas print by Pyramid International.

Tennis Girl was a top seller in poster store Athena when it was first produced back in 1976. Since then its popularity has soared, with fans now spending around £300 a time buying the original posters from eBay.

Popular with celebrities, Jonathan Ross describes ‘Tennis Girl’ as ‘the nearest thing to a phenomenon to hit the poster world’, while Frank Skinner and Ricky Gervais have recreated their own images with themselves as the stars. Even Charlton Heston admits to having the image framed on his tennis court.

Ally Mayer, Managing Director at Pyramid International says: “‘Tennis Girl’ is one of the most famous images of all time. It has a huge following, which has grown enormously since it came off the market 25 years ago. We are anticipating a huge demand for the canvas prints, from both ‘Tennis Girl’ fans, old and new, and art collectors keen to make an investment.”

But ‘Tennis Girl’ is not without controversy. Several countries banned the original poster and it has been publicly torn up in the Middle East. It has even been used as evidence in a trial in the Old Bailey.

The original photograph was created by Martin Elliott in the summer of 1976 using a role of Kodak film and some borrowed tennis equipment. It starred his then girlfriend, who could not actually play tennis.

Martin Elliott, photographer and creator of ‘Tennis Girl’ said: “People say this image is timeless, and while I’m not sure how long timeless lasts, over 30 years is a good start. Despite rumours circulating that the model was either male, or androgynous, I can confirm the image is as it seems. And, if I had a pound for ever model that has laid claim to being the girl, and every photographer that has claimed they took the photo, I’d be a very rich man.”

The limited edition canvas prints, sized 60 x 80cm, numbered and signed by Martin Elliott, will be individually boxed and wrapped with a numbered certificate. There will be a total of 1,850 for sale across the world. The canvases will cost £300 and can be bought from

buy online at oneposter