Daniel Cole

Dan Cole is a landscape artist based in Truro. His training in Scientific Illustration has lent his landscape paintings a sensitivity to the natural world. Daniel observed and sketched wild birds from an early age and fulfilled a lifelong ambition by producing detailed and vivid portrayals of wild birds in their natural habitats for various Field Guides on bird watching. Daniel maintained a steady interest in self-taught landscape painting and working predominantly in oil on board, has perfected his approach to producing work that captures his passion and understanding of the environment, combining it with an energetic foray into abstraction. His landscapes, sublime in their attention to natural detail, yet eye-catching in their dynamic line and colour, bridge an often-difficult gap between the real and the fantastical. Birds still play an important role within Cole’s landscapes, often flitting across the sky or perched delicately in the trees. Dan Cole remains involved with The Society of Wildlife Artists, an establishment which promotes awareness of the importance of conservation through the support of artists developing their knowledge and skill within wildlife art.


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