Doug Eaton

Doug Eaton studied at Stroud School of Art followed in the late Sixties by Cheltenham College of Art. Doug now paints full time and works almost exclusively where he grew up in and around the Forest of Dean in Coleford, Gloucestershire, drawing inspiration for his paintings from the surroundings that he has such passion for and knows so well.Doug uses a vibrant, vivid and unexpected combination of colours and textures to capture the locations of his paintings, from viridian, cobalt and violet, to amber, cream and plum. He is interested in marrying together contrasting elements, soft against hard, hot against cold, dark against light. He currently paints in acrylics working quickly and broadly, favouring a painterly look over a clinical rendition, not minding the odd dribble here or there and using strong lines, shapes and colours to achieve an angular, refracted look that evokes the landscape.  



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Doug Eaton (Calm Reflections)

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Doug Eaton (Old Hedgerow)

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Doug Eaton (Bright Trees)

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