Ernst Haas

Born in 1921 in Vienna, Austria, Ernst Haas attended medical school, but his strong artistic bent led him to the camera. In 1947 he held his first photographic exhibition in Vienna. Haas moved to the United States in 1951, and for the next 30 years travelled extensively, photographing for a variety of publications including Life and Vogue. He also documented the making of films such as "The Third Man," "The Misfits" and "West Side Story". Since his death in 1986, his work has featured in many major exhibitions and publications, ‘Ernst Haas Color Photography,’ (1989) and ‘Ernst Haas in Black and White’ (1992). Major museum exhibitions accompanied both of these publications. The Ernst Haas Studio in New York continues Haas' legacy and contribution to the photography world and oversees all projects related to his work.


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