In 1947, Enzo Ferrari revealed his first car and started what would become one of the world greatest car brands. This car would go on to grace race tracks around the world and would begin Ferrari’s continued participation in the sport. Following the introduction of Formula one in 1950, Ferrari has appeared in the competition ever since, producing faster and better cars for every season. Though originally designed for the race track, in 1949 Ferrari introduced the 166 Inter, their first road car. Following this, Ferrari would release complete ranges of road cars from Grand Tourers to mid-engine V8s. However, of all of Ferrari's car ranges perhaps none are more iconic and eye catching than their range of supercars.  From the original 250 GTO to the LaFerrari, Ferrari's supercars are undeniably beautiful. Often in their well-known red, a Ferrari supercar image has been the staple of bedrooms and studies for generations and that is showing no signs of stopping.


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