Finding Dory

Brought to us by Disney and Pixar, Finding Dory Follows the amnesiac fish Dory from the 2003 smash hit Finding Nemo on a quest across the ocean to find her parents. A direct sequel to Finding Nemo, Finding Dory introduces viewers to all new and instantly iconic names such as Hank, the cranky octopus, while also bringing back familiar favourites such as Marlin, Crush the laid back turtle and his son Squirt. This helps to give the film a nostalgic feel allowing it to engage with fans of the original movie. With a host of colourful characters, funny dialogue and heartfelt moments Finding Dory is another success story for Disney and Pixar.

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Finding Dory (Characters)

Metallic Poster

Finding Dory (Friend Group)

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Finding Dory (Friend Group)

Framed 30 x 40cm Print

Finding Dory (Dory & Nemo)

Framed 30 x 40cm Print

Finding Dory (Go With The Flow)

Canvas Print

Finding Dory (Friend Group)

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Finding Dory (Dory)

Rubber Keychain

Finding Dory (Characters)

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Finding Dory (Dory, Nemo & Hank)

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Finding Dory (Just Keep Swimming)

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Finding Dory (Characters)

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