Jim Dratfield

Jim Dratfield was working as a successful actor when he designed and photographed some promotional image of himself and his dog intended to provoke interest among casting directors. However, the images that came from his love of animals coupled with his passion for fine art photography were noticed by someone in the publishing world and, just like a good Hollywood story, a new profession was born, that of a renowned and celebrated animal photographer. Jim has subsequently produced nine books of his animal photography including such titles as ‘Pug Shots’, ‘Underdogs’, and ‘Day of the Dachshund’. His imagery has been used for many ad campaigns as well as commissions around the world for those who simply love their pets. Jim splits his time between the East and West coasts of America and can be found walking his dog Sawyer, “The Great Vacuum dog,”.

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Jim Dratfield (Pugsy Malone)

Art Print

Jim Dratfield (Pugsy Malone)

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