Jim Dratfield

While working as an actor, Jim designed a promo piece with himself and his dog and photographed it. It was intended to pique interest in the acting community. However, the images that came from his love of animals combined with his passion for fine art photography were to be seen by someone in the publishing world and, just like a Hollywood story, a new career was born, that of a celebrated animal photographer. Jim has subsequently authored nine books of his animal imagery including such titles as ‘Underdogs’, ‘Pug Shots’, and ‘Day of the Dachshund’. His imagery has been used for countless ad campaigns as well as photo commissions around the world for those who simply love their pets. Jim can be found walking in New York City’s Central Park with his forever faithful companion, his black Labrador, Caleb.


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Jim Dratfield (Pugsy Malone)

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