Jon Barker

Jon Barker was born in Yorkshire in 1950. He enjoys a growing reputation and demand for his work, which is held in private collections throughout the UK and Worldwide. Jon’s painting style is fluid and expressive. His priorities are to express movement, power, sensitivity and tonal balance. His ‘City Life’ series captures the fusion of movement and colour of people frequenting busy streets and pavement cafés. The aim is to transpose the mood and atmosphere of the moment into a permanent artistic statement, providing a glimpse of the lives of strangers who become increasingly familiar to us and remind us of our lives and the places we have visited. His characters are deliberately anonymous, allowing our imaginations free reign. Stylish and refined in nature, they subtly transform the real world into a more idealistic society, or take us back to a nostalgic view of the world as it once was or might have been.


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Jon Barker (Arc de Triomphe)

Canvas Prints


Jon Barker (South Bank, London)

Canvas Prints


Jon Barker (London, New York, Paris)

Canvas Triptych


Jon Barker (Early Commute, 5th Avenue)

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Jon Barker (Paris Reflections)

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Jon Barker (Whitehall, London)

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