Marvel Comics

Starting life in the late 1930’s Marvel has become one of the biggest and highly recognisable brands of our time. Marvel Comics, as they are now known, started their comic revolution in 1961 when writer and editor Stan Lee decided to create characters with human flaws and placed them in situations which were relatable to the reader. A new concept and one that would open Marvel to a whole new audience. To fit into these new situations, Marvel created a host of iconic characters including Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Daredevil and Spiderman. As well as comic Marvel has also seen success in other media including, games, TV and in cinema with blockbuster releases such as Spiderman and The Punisher. In 2008, Marvel released Iron Man, creating its Marvel Cinematic Universe which ignited a whole new interest in comic book characters, and brought in a new generation of fans. Following their acquisition by Disney in 2009 the studio as has seen a stream of blockbuster movie releases including Captain America, Thor and Guardians of the Galaxy. With plans to release movies well into the late 2000’s Marvel's popularity shows no sign of slowing down!


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Spider-Man Homecoming (Symbol)

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Spider-Man Homecoming (Hang)

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Spider-Man Homecoming

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Spider-Man Homecoming (Cover)

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Spider-Man Homecoming (Hang)

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Spider-Man Homecoming (Red)

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