Suicide Squad

With their first publication in 1987, The Suicide Squad are a group of some of the most dangerous villains in the DC Universe. Deciding they are all expendable, Amanda Waller, a US intelligence office forces the squad on dangerous missions with the task of protecting the world against other villains. In 2016 as part of the DC Extended Movie Universe, the story of the Suicide Squad was turned into a feature film featuring prominent DC villains, Harley Quinn, Deadshot and Killer Croc as well as lesser known villain’s Captain Boomerang and El Diablo.  The film takes place after the events of Batman Vs Superman and follows the development of the Suicide Squad and their deployment on their first mission. With an all-star cast including Will Smith, Margot Robbie and Jared Leto, the film has amassed strong support from fans of DC and has been a huge commercial success.


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Suicide Squad (The Joker)

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Suicide Squad (Skulls)

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Suicide Squad (Harley Quinn Skull)

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Suicide Squad (Face)

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Suicide Squad (Daddy's Lil Monster)

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