Stanley Kubrick Posters

Born in 1928 Stanley Kubrick is one of the most influential directors in cinema history. Mostly working with novels and other prose, Kubrick's work spans across a wide range of genres and are held in high regard for their dark humour, realism and incredible cinematography.

Developing a keen interest in cinema, books and photography from a young age, Stanley would go on to teach himself all the parts of film making, including directing. 1956, at the age of 28, Stanley Kubrick made his first Hollywood production ‘The Killing’ a film noir based on the book Clean Break. This would start his cinematic legacy, directing movie classics including the historical epic Spartacus and Lolita, a movie which would prove a pivotal point in his career signally a change from naturalistic to surrealism in his later films. 

In 1968 after five years of development, Stanley Kubrick released the ground breaking ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ and immediately followed it with his most controversial film, ‘A Clockwork Orange’.

Stanley Kubrick would go on directing up until his death in 1999 with cinema greats, The Shining, Full Metal Jacket and Eyes Wide Shut. 

An amazingly talented, and influential man, his movies are firmly placed in the cinematic hall of fame, and this range reflects them beautifully.



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