International Sales - FAQs


Complete the account application / enquiry form online, or by email along with your first order to or fax +44 116 284 3696. A member of the Pyramid International Export Sales team will contact you within 24 hours (during the working week) of receiving the order.

Initial orders are on a pro-forma invoice basis (payment in advance). Credit terms are normally arranged once a relationship has been established or credit insurance arranged. First order payment must be made via a Bank Transfer and after that in any of the following ways: Bank transfer Credit Card - Visa / MasterCard / AmEx / PayPal. All payments must be made in UK Sterling.

A minimum order value for Export orders is £500.00. Please speak to a member of the Pyramid International Export Sales team about minimums per product.

Please contact a member of the Pyramid International Export Sales team for your prices. The prices are based on the UK price list (see UK sales prices) with set prices for retail, wholesale and distributor customers. We can also quote prices for different packaging across all our products including rolled and labelled posters, packaged merchandise and products in shippable cartons.

After being picked, orders are packed according to their size, product mix and shipping requirements, usually within 72 hours of the order being received, before awaiting collection from your freight company. Pyramid International's policy is that all export orders are sold on an "Ex-works" basis meaning that the customer is responsible for all shipping costs.

This will depend on the products you order as some can take longer to produce than others

We do not accept returns back to our Distribution centre. To receive a credit for items you need to speak to your Account Manager who can deal with this for you

We do produce catalogues that can be sent out, however our website is always up to date

Yes all of our products are fully licensed