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Over the years of our fruitful business relationship, Pyramid has become one of our top suppliers for posters & merchandising articles. With their ever-growing range of hot-selling licensed articles, their superb service & support as well as their hardworking design department they always keep their customers satisfied. If you deal in Posters and merchandise today, you want to be a customer of Pyramid.

Poster and Merchandising Distributor Germany - Poster and Merchandising Distributor Germany

We thank everybody in Pyramid for dealing with all sorts of our requirements for us. They have huge range of products with excellent designs and images that we are very pleased to handle with. We hope that we can continue this great relationship from now on as we have been so far.

Japanese Distributor - Japanese Distributor

My business actually started by replying to an advert by Pyramid International in a magazine nearly sixteen years ago. That first contact enabled my business to grow, especially in those tough early days, with smart business suggestions and offers of extended credit when I was stretched. I have seen Pyramid International grow from a small poster outfit, to a well- organised professional poster and merchandise company that is now Europe's finest. They have particularly blossomed in the last 5 years, with their great range of Licensed product, and the way these have been presented in their superb poster and merchandise catalogues. Their creative department keeps coming up with an improved catalogue each year, which makes your job of selling, so much easier! Coupled with fantastic staff, great packaging and reliable service, you could look to no better company than Pyramid if you want to succeed in the distribution or retail of posters and assorted merchandise. Highly recommended.

New Zealand Distributor - New Zealand Distributor

Seven years of intensive cooperation with Pyramid helped us to be very successful in Spain and Portugal. We are very proud to be Pyramid's distributor and we are very sure that we have only just started. Our business and the business that we do with Pyramid have increased so much in this time and this is partly because of the fantastic range of product that Pyramid produce. Thanks.

Distributor Spain & Portugal - Distributor Spain & Portugal

Having worked with Pyramid for almost fifteen years we have found the professional support, quality of product and dedication of the company to be invaluable factors in helping to establish our position as number one in our territory. Good products, good prices, great licenses that really sell, dispatched promptly and well packaged. A perfect and helpful partner now and for the future.

Benelux Distributor - Benelux Distributor

Great Posters, great service, great designs and most of all, the nicest staff.

USA Distributor - USA Distributor

It has been our immense pleasure to work with Pyramid since 1998. Pyramid have supported and guided us very professionally over the years, helping us to grow and succeed in our business. The products are innovative and fresh all the time and our customers are very satisfied with their sales. We love all the people that work at Pyramid International and we have forged great friendships with the Pyramid export team. We would like to congratulate you on your new website and we are looking forward to your usual new and exciting designs.

South Africa Distributor - South Africa Distributor

Pyramids extensive & excellent selection of posters makes them essential for anyone who's serious about posters and merchandise. Their professional and friendly staff makes them a pleasure to work with.

Norwegian Distributor - Norwegian Distributor

We are glad to work with Pyramid for many years. Pyramid is publishing excellent, sales-boosting products at reasonable prices. Staff & service are simply outstanding.

German Distributor - German Distributor

Pyramid International carries some of the most exciting merchandising product available: from posters to badges packs, key chains, calendars and much more... As France's #1 merchandising distributor, we are proud to be one of its official distributors in our market. We work very closely with the Pyramid Export division: it is very efficient, fast and reliable. We get the best service from them regarding new product, back catalogue and promotional material which are always delivered on time. To sum it up, Pyramid International is « great product, great service, great people », we could not recommend a better company to work with!

French Distributor - French Distributor

Our company has been working with Pyramid since the early 90’s and the service has always remained prompt and cheerful. Even in a small market such as Australia, we get all the attention we need. The quality and innovation in their product range has continued to grow our sales and our company. We look forward to working closely with Pyramid for decades to come.

Australian Distributor - Australian Distributor

As a Poster company of many years dealing with a relatively demanding market here in Greece, we owe pyramid our thanks and appreciation for it's impeccable service and cooperation, plus congratulations on it's consistently diverse and contemporary selection of innovative products and it's ability to stay ahead of the times, all the time. Our orders and shipments are always executed with speed and accuracy and communication with members of the team is always a pleasure; carry on the good work!

Greek Distributor - Greek Distributor

For a relatively small company like us, a distributor like Pyramid International is invaluable. We've dealt with the company for many years and even though we're not amongst their largest customers the service level is always like we were number one! They've even visited us a few times in Denmark and it's really nice with representatives you can talk to in a friendly way - it's not just business. Their product range is also amongst our best sellers and you can always ask their creative department to consider alternative products within the single licenses. This is of great value to a dedicated poster shop like ours with the kind of customers we have.

Poster Shop in Denmark - Poster Shop in Denmark