A reputation for quality licensed merchandise

Pyramid International actively represents up to 1,000 of the world’s biggest licences and properties. This includes most of the major international film studios, television companies, music merchandisers, brands, artists and photographers.

This impressive portfolio of licences and broad product diversity delivers consistent customer sales and generates strong returns for its licensors. 

Expanded product ranges and extended licensing rights

Since 2011, Pyramid has increased its product portfolio and extended its licensing rights. These positive and exciting changes have seen the introduction of multiple formats in many product categories, with a host of the best licences for these products.

The Company is continually developing new, innovative products and formats to satisfy the demands of the global market.

From concepts to creation

Pyramid’s licensing team visits international trade shows to connect with customers, discuss market needs and develop new product ideas. These ideas are then presented to licensors on a weekly basis.

The award-winning creative team is always thinking ahead. Their passion and talent shapes every innovation, creating products with ingenuity, originality and style.

Global licensing and international rights

Pyramid operates licences on a global basis, exporting across the EU and beyond. Many of the licences also cover South East Asia, North America, South America, Africa, the Middle East and Australia.

To facilitate sales across all these countries, the Company always endeavours to secure international rights and distribution.

The royalties team then ensures that reports are accurate and are sent quarterly using state-of-the-art management systems.

Trademark protection

Pyramid recognises that protecting trademarks is vital.

The Company is a founding member of TRAP (Trademarks and Rights-holders Against Piracy) and works with Trading Standards and licensors to take down infringers selling unlicensed merchandise on the high street and online.

This working practice is highly effective. The removal of infringing products results in better protection for licensors, which maximises royalty income.

Pyramid is also a proud member of LIMA (Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association) and The ACC (Artists Copyright Coalition).

Careers in product licensing

Are you interested in working with the Pyramid licensing team?

If so, the team would like to hear from you. Please visit the contact page.