Temporary closure of the business premises

Dear all,

We have been closely monitoring the impact COVID-19 is currently having on our business, colleagues, customers, and supply chain and we are mindful that we all need to play our part in minimising the spread of the virus to enable the NHS and emergency services every opportunity to handle the crisis whenever it reaches its peak.  In accordance with the messages issued by the Government on Monday evening instructing that all people involved in non-essential work cease trading, the Directors have agreed to the temporary closure of the business premises until further notice with effect from the close of business on Tuesday 24th March. 

We will be expediting as many orders as possible before the closure, and we will post any updates regarding the re-opening as soon as practicable.

For customer support during the closure, please continue to contact your account manager by email or mobile telephone where applicable or try one of the relevant contacts below and they will come back to you as soon as possible.

Licensing and Creative

Mordy Benaiah

Telephone – 07764951012

Email – mordy.benaiah@pyramidinternational.com


Lee Andrews

Email – lee.andrews@pyramidinternational.com


UK Sales

Michael Lipman

Telephone - 07388 940551

Email – michael.lipman@pyramidinternational.com


Sam Taylor

Telephone – 07384115202

Email – sam.taylor@pyramidinternational.com


Ally Mayer

Telephone – 07971596679

Email – ally.mayer@pyramidinternational.com


International Sales

Barbara Krol

Telephone – 07766817931

Email – barbara.krol@pyramidinternational.com


Ally Mayer

As above


Finance and IT

Ian Pridmore

Telephone – 07776131822

Email – ian.pridmore@pyramidinternational.com



Sam Burrows

Telephone – 07809556404

Email – sam.burrows@pyramidinternational.com


Best wishes and stay safe.


From the Pyramid Team.