A production team committed to the customer

Whatever the customer’s requirements, Pyramid’s production team is dedicated to delivering them. The result is high quality merchandise, with a rapid turnaround from order to dispatch.

The team produces a wide range of products using skilled and trusted local companies. Additional items are imported from abroad. These items are sourced in conjunction with the Pyramid team in China and are all from fully audited and regulated suppliers.

These locally and internationally sourced items are then supplemented with onsite production, using some of the most cutting-edge and efficient technology available.

The production team is experienced and highly motivated with a clear understanding of customer needs and a strong determination to deliver.

A well-planned operation

To ensure a fast turnaround on orders, the department has developed robust stock control and a detailed planning process. Substantial investment has been made in plant and equipment to move stock around safely and efficiently.

Pyramid’s comprehensive freight network covers both UK deliveries and export shipments. Third party fulfilment and warehousing is also available, should it be required. This can help us to meet some of our more specific customer requirements.